The Shift Diary

7 Check Points to Building your Personal Brand

Why should you care about your brand? In order to achieve your goals, having a brand that works for you in creating a positive emotional response in others, is going to go a long way to determining how successful you are. Brands create emotional responses that lead us to take action. As much as we […] Read more

Apr, 25, 2016


Is Your Team, Your Competitive Advantage?

Having worked with many diverse teams within various organizations for the past 10 years, the one thing that has stood out for me is that, the single most untapped competitive advantage is not your products or expensive marketing campaigns, it’s simply teamwork. A group of inspired people all rowing in the same direction with a […] Read more

Nov, 29, 2014



3 Things Women can teach Men about Leadership

Femininity is the operating system for 21st Century progress ~ John Gerzeme With gender inequality discussions and debates being such a controversial topic, I thought I would jump on the band wagon…. but from a completely different angle, and generate a different flavor of controversy. One that I think you will savor! I believe, that […] Read more

Sep, 01, 2014